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styled engagement shoot | mount shasta photographers

SHOWIT – the best website company around.  seriously.  we’ve had our website with them for a few years, and will continue to have for a lifetime (thanks to the awesome lifetime subscription they let us buy last year)!  it’s so great that i even convinced my sister to convert! we can re-model the site as much as we want and as often as we want without any additional fees.  this can create addictive personalities, however, as we are, of course, at it again.  the new site “Reece & Katrina” has been in the works for far too long, but should finally be going live by the end of this month (I. CAN’T. WAIT.)!!!

anyways…this shoot came about because of SHOWIT (yes, there was a point to the commercial).  not only is it a fab website company, but the guys behind the scenes created a community called “showiteers”.  in the group are photographers around the world that support, encourage, educate, and all out love on each other.  showitteers are UNIQUE, UNITED, and FREE!  At the start of 2012, showiteers around the world were encouraged to meet with their regional “share” groups for various reasons.  in january, we got together for a live broadcast/interview with the ever fabulous jasmine star.  in february, our assignment was to do a shootout, and here’s what we came up with…

being in charge of the redding “region” that spans from chico to southern oregon, reece and i were responsible for planning the shoot.  we came up with a fun, ranch styled engagement shoot and had two adorable couples to work with for the day.

many thanks to:

* sarah of about face for her amazing job on make-up (siskiyou county brides, you should definitely get in touch with her)!

* our gorgeous models –  johnathan & kristi and matthew & kathleen.  (johnathan & kristi own JKD Tack Supply, and it was their barn/pasture that we used in the shoot).  it’s so much fun getting married couples to channel their inner, flirty, googly-eyed selves!

* one of my students, montana, for the use of her scrabble game!  i’m bowing my head in shame that i don’t own this already.

enough chatter…on with the shoot.  enjoy!

 i love this bench that belonged to kristi’s grandmother.  isn’t it gorgeous?!

we had a blast with these guys and gals…can you tell?of course we had to take a few with kristi and her handsome show horse, diesel.thanks again to everyone that made this shoot possible!  we have another shootout assignment for the month of may…i’m thinking urban bride and groom…any takers?!



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sarah & mitch | harvest inn wedding | napa valley, ca

back in october, reece had the opportunity to be a second shooter for a friend of ours – the amazing trevor of trevor dayley photography (you can view his original post on this wedding HERE).  i would have gone, but i was over seven months pregnant at the time and knew i couldn’t make the drive there and back in one day – not to mention shoot a wedding and be able to go to work the following week.  to say i was a little jealous is an understatement! ;)  however, i am proud to have a husband who does an awesome job at assisting me on almost every shoot i do – and who can help others as well!

the details in this beautiful napa valley wedding are absolutely stunning thanks to sarah ghazzagh of a dream wedding and the harvest inn (site of the wedding ceremony and reception).

here are a few (understatement perhaps?) of my favorite images that reece took that day…


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a look back at 2011…

on this first day of 2012, it seems only appropriate to reflect on the year that has recently passed…

2011 brought many new clients.  not only has each bride, groom, family, and senior that i had the honor to meet made me love what i do even more, but i’ve made many new friends along the way.  i am grateful for each one of you!

2011 brought many changes to katrina noelle photography…and many more changes are in the works!  reece and i are constantly brainstorming ways that we can improve our service to others, so be on the lookout for these changes to take place!  we are extremely excited about the direction the business is going, and we know we couldn’t do it without the love and support of our family, friends, and wonderful clients.

2011 brought many changes to our family.  our firstborn turned two in october.  it amazes me daily with how much and how quickly she learns and absorbs everything around her.  in december, we welcomed another little girl into our home.  reaghan is doing well adjusting to the big sister role, and we’re all getting used to doing things a little slower, taking longer to get ready in the morning, and pretty much being late everywhere we try to go.  ;)  kenzington will be four weeks old on monday and i can’t believe it.  it is true that time seems to pass faster and faster the older you get…so take lots and lots of pictures, because your memory gets worse and worse, too!

thank you to each one who trusted me to preserve your most important memories in photographs.  i am excited for what 2012 brings and look forward to making many new friends along the way!


here are a few highlights from 2012…


and here is the sweet new addition to our family…

happy new year!!  may 2012 be filled with many blessings and the creation of wonderful memories!


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marshall | class of 2012

when i asked marshall to describe himself, he gave me two words: outgoing and football.  i guess those just about sum him up!  marshall is yet another soon-to-be-graduate of mount shasta high school, and we had a great time during his senior shoot.  he’s probably the only senior i’ve had this fall that actually dressed appropriately for the weather – warm, long sleeves and a beanie…yeah buddy!

thank you marshall for allowing us the opportunity to get to know you last week!  good luck to you as you graduate and head off to nursing school!


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